Cambodia eVisa Requirements for Sri Lankan Citizens

The Kingdom of Cambodia has seen a great influx of international tourists over the recent years, with around 300 of them being Sri Lankan nationals. This is why the government opened the country’s gates to over 200 nationalities who are able to use the electronic travel authorization scheme known simply as Cambodia eVisa.

Choosing an electronic visa to visit Cambodia means citizens of Sri Lanka do not need to go to a local embassy or to present paper documents to apply: the eVisa to Cambodian territory is meant to be obtained completely online.

How Can Sri Lankan Nationals Apply for a Cambodian e-Visa?

The online Cambodia visa application process takes all-in-all around 10 minutes to be complete, and once it is done paid for, the holder from Sri Lanka can anticipate to receive it within 3 business days.

These are some of the steps Sri Lankan nationals should follow to successfully complete the online form of the Cambodian eVisa:

  • Personal information such as full name and date of birth must be provided and reflect exactly how it is in the passport information page
  • Passport details must also be inputted identically as the information on the biographical page of the Sri Lankan passport
  • The purpose of traveling to Cambodia should also be indicated. For instance, if passengers are traveling for tourism, business, or for medical purposes
  • The Sri Lankan applicant should state any health and/or safety conditions they may have
  • Pay the processing fees with an authentic and valid credit/debit card

Sri Lankans are advised that processing times cannot always be met and sometimes are slowed down due to a number of different factors.

With this in mind, applicants from Sri Lanka should think carefully about their departure date and apply for the Cambodian eVisa at least 4 business days before traveling to the country.

Sri Lankan adults traveling with minors to Cambodia

All individuals hoping to travel to Cambodia under the eVisa application must apply for their own eVisa — this too includes any minors from Sri Lanka.

With regard to the requirements for minors applying for a Cambodia eVisa, they remain the same as for an adult application.

Personal details such as the child’s full name, date of birth, and passport number must be filled out in their own individual application. Supporting documents such as a copy or scanned image of the Sri Lankan minor’s biographical page of the passport must be submitted online too.

Opportunely, the government of Cambodia authorizes adults to apply on behalf of the minor.

Cambodian Visa Types Available for Sri Lanka

As well as the Cambodian tourist visa (which is also known as the eVisa or ‘T’ Visa) there are various other types of e-Visa to visit Cambodia. This, however, will depend on the applicant’s nationality and also the purpose behind traveling to Cambodia.

The Cambodian eVisa for tourism proves to be the most popular choice for international travelers, which includes Sri Lankan citizens due to the growth in foreign arrivals willing to enjoy Cambodia’s main attractions.

The other varieties of e-Visa available are the business eVisa, the student eVisa, the retirement eVisa. It is important to note that in order to obtain one of these types of visas, Sri Lankan applicants must apply at a local embassy or consulate. There is currently no option to apply online for these types of visas.

Lastly, there is the option to obtain a Visa on Arrival, once arriving into the country.

Cambodian eVisa Requirements for Sri Lanka

In order to successfully apply for an eVisa to Cambodia, Sri Lankan passport holders must supply personal details and some supporting documents. These are compulsory Cambodian eVisa entry requirements that all international travelers must fulfill.

Before applying for an eVisa to visit Cambodia, nationals from Sri Lanka must sure they have the proceeding list of requirements to hand:

  • A lawful and valid Sri Lankan passport which includes submitting a copy or scanned image of the biographical page of this travel document
  • The minimum validity of the passport must be of 6 months
  • A digital photograph of the applicant’s head (face) and shoulders. The image must follow the Cambodian eVisa photo prerequisites
  • A working email address so that the applicant can receive the eVisa electronically

Sri Lankans are also urged to print out a copy of the e-Visa before arriving in Cambodia.

Other important personal data required from Sri Lankan travelers is the following:

  • Full name that must be clearly inputted throughout the application
  • Passport expiry and issuance date
  • The reasons for visiting Cambodia: tourism, business or medical purposes, for instance
  • Past and current health and criminal history

Once all this information has been correctly entered in the online application form, Sri Lankan citizens can pay for their eVisa and complete the submission of the form.

Cambodia visa on arrival: conditions for citizens of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan travelers also have the right to receive a Cambodian Visa on Arrival at the immigration desk through their choice of the port of entry, however, this alternative is known to be more complicated than applying online.

An applicant is obliged to follow the proceeding steps in order to apply for a visa on arrival:

  • Bring cash since the visa on arrival cannot be paid with another method
  • Provide a printed copy of a digital photo just as the one in the Sri Lankan applicant’s passport
  • Queuing when arriving at one of Cambodia’s allowed ports of entry due to high traveling demands

Sri Lankan visitors wanting to receive a Visa on Arrival, which is also known as a VOA, must guarantee that all the requirements for this type of visa are met.

Travelers who have not carefully revised the requirements of a VOA could experience a refusal in receiving this type of travel permit when arriving in the country.

Best Time for Sri Lankans to Travel to Cambodia

Travelers should think carefully about when they would like to plan a trip to Cambodia.

There are two main seasons: a dry season and a rainy season. Cambodia’s tropical climate averages around 60-80 ºF (20ºC–30ºC) yearly and the rainy season is said to start in June and end around October.

Most travelers ahead to Cambodia in the cool season as weather conditions are best, but this can also mean that this season is the priciest and busiest time to visit. Planning well in advance could avoid factors like these.

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