Cambodia eVisa for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

Nationals of over 200 countries, including Saudi Arabia, are eligible to apply for a Cambodia eVisa. Saudi citizens who intend to visit Cambodia for tourist purposes, therefore, are required to obtain an eVisa prior to their travel.

Cambodia eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that does not require visiting an embassy or consulate since all the process is done online.

Cambodia eVisa Requirements for Saudi Arabians

There are a few simple Cambodia visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens that need to be met before starting the eVisa application process. These conditions and documents required include the following:

  • Having access to the internet and either a smartphone, tablet, or a computer from which the candidate will apply for the visa
  • Having an unexpired Saudi passport with at least two blank pages for Cambodian border stamps. The passport must be valid for 6 months or more after the date of arrival in Cambodia
  • Having an active email address. This is necessary for obtaining confirmations and notifications regarding the visa, as well as the visa approval
  • Having an unexpired credit or debit card for online payment of the Cambodia eVisa processing fee
  • Having a recent passport-style photo that will be attached to the application together with a copy of the biographical page of the passport. It is also possible to provide these two attachments at a later date

Cambodia eVisa Application for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

Applying for a Cambodia visa for Saudi passport holders is fairly easy. All that the applicant needs to do is access the Cambodia eVisa application form through the official Cambodia Online Visa website, fill in the essential personal and passport details, answer health- and security-related questions, and pay for the processing fee.

Please note that every traveler must submit an individual application form. This also applies to minors. The information that needs to be provided in the application form includes:

  • Full name(s)
  • Gender
  • Nationality which must be the same as the passport country
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address, phone number, and email address
  • Passport country
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry and issue dates
  • Reasons for visiting Cambodia
  • Details of relatives living in Cambodia (if relevant)

The Cambodia eVisa processing time is 3-4 business days from the date of application. If all the provided details are correct and match the information in the passport, the applicant will receive an email with the visa approval.

In case there are any errors in the application, the response may be delayed. In some cases, the visa may be denied altogether. If that occurs, the candidate will be contacted with further information on how to proceed.

Cambodian eVisas are issued for stays of up to 30 days. It is possible to extend the visa for an additional 30 days, for a total of 60 days.

Cambodian Visa Types for Saudi Arabians

When applying for a Cambodia eVisa as a Saudi national, it is important to note that this visa type is valid only for stays with purposes such as tourism and leisure.

Saudi Arabia citizens who wish to work or study in Cambodia or stay in the country for longer periods of time must apply for other types of visas. There are several types of Cambodia visa available:

  • Business visa, also known as an E-class visa, that requires a work permit and an employment card for working in Cambodia
  • Student visa, valid for the duration of the candidate’s studies
  • Retirement visa, a one-year, renewable visa that allows staying in the country for longer periods, but not working or buying a property in Cambodia

Saudi Arabia nationals can apply for any of these three types of visa at the nearest Cambodian embassy or consulate.

Citizens of all nationalities eligible for an eVisa, including Saudi Arabians, can also decide to apply for a tourist visa on arrival.

The application is done at the Cambodian border and consists of filling in an application form, presenting a valid passport and a photo, and paying for the visa fee. However, this is usually not a preferred method of applying for a Cambodia visa since lines and waiting times at the border can be very long.

What Ports of Entry Saudis Can Use With a Cambodia eVisa?

It is important to keep in mind that a Cambodian eVisa can be used only for entering Cambodia by air or through one of the land border checkpoints.

The permitted Cambodian air border crossings are the three main airports:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Sihanoukville International Airport

The Cambodian land ports of entry that admit the Cambodia eVisa as a travel authorization to enter the country are the following:

  • Cham Yeam (Koh Kong province) and Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey province) from Thailand
  • Bavet (Svat Rieng province) from Vietnam
  • Tropaeng Kreal Border Post

This online visa is not valid for crossing the Cambodian sea border.

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