Cambodia eVisa for Citizens of Pakistan

Pakistani citizens who wish to visit Cambodia for tourism or leisure are eligible to apply for an electronic travel authorization. The Cambodia eVisa was introduced by the Cambodian Government to simplify the process of obtaining a tourist visa for citizens of over 200 countries.

Applying for an eVisa is fast and straightforward, and there is no need to contact a Cambodian representation. Holders of an online visa can travel stress-free without waiting in long lines on the border.

An increasing number of visitors travel to Cambodia every year. This South Asian country known for its temples, pristine beaches, spectacular nature, and rich tradition has become a popular tourist destination.

Pakistani nationals are advised to check any news related to traveling to Cambodia.

eVisa Documents for Cambodia Required From Pakistani Nationals

Several Cambodia entry visa requirements must be met by Pakistani citizens before starting the eVisa application process.

Travelers to Cambodia must have a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after entering the country. In addition, it is important to make sure that there are at least 2 blank pages left for any stamps that are to be received at the Cambodian border. Otherwise, Pakistani nationals are required to obtain a new passport before starting the application process.

The eVisa is linked to the passport number, which makes it mandatory to travel on the same passport that was used for the application.

Children traveling on their parent’s passport must have their parent or legal guardian fill in a separate application form on their behalf.

Further Cambodia eVisa requirements include having a valid email address for receiving the eVisa and an unexpired debit or credit card for paying the visa processing fee online. All applicants must also provide a copy of the biographical page of their passport and a passport-sized photo. These two documents can also be submitted at a later date.

Since the eVisa application is done entirely online, it is necessary to have access to a stable internet connection and a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer from which the application will be submitted.

The Cambodia online visa is valid for entering the country either by air or through one of several land borders with Thailand, Vietnam, or Laos. It cannot be used for entering Cambodia by sea.

Applying for the Cambodia Visa From Pakistan

Applying for a Cambodia eVisa as a Pakistani national is straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes. There a few simple steps that the applicant needs to follow:

  • Open the online Cambodian application form that can be accessed through the Cambodia Online Visa website
  • Duly fill in all the necessary personal and passport details such as name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and dates of expiry and issue of the passport
  • Answer some health and security-related questions
  • Share the travel plans to Cambodia, including the type of accommodation and travel dates
  • Confirm that all the information is correct and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Pay for the eVisa processing fee through a secure online system
  • Submit the form and wait for the visa approval (to be forwarded by email)

Cambodia eVisa processing time is very short. The majority of travelers can expect to have the approval in their inbox within 24 hours, and at most in 4 business days.

Even the smallest error in the application form can cause delays in processing. In the case of visa denial, the applicant will be contacted by email and informed on how to proceed.

Other Visa Options for Cambodia From Pakistan

The Cambodia online travel authorization is valid only for tourist visits to the country and for periods of less than 30 days (with a possibility of one extension).

However, there are several other types of Cambodia visa for Pakistani citizens that cover other types of travel, such as studying or working in Cambodia. These are business, student, and retirement visas.

For obtaining one of these types of visas, applicants are required to visit the nearest Cambodian embassy or consulate.

Pakistani travelers eligible for an eVisa also have the option of obtaining a tourist visa on arrival in Cambodia. The requirements are similar to those of the eVisa: the candidate needs to fill in an application form, present a passport-sized photo, and pay for the visa fee.

This option is convenient for travelers who do not have the possibility or time to apply online. However, waiting lines at the border are often long and the entire process can be very slow, therefore, it is always more convenient to apply beforehand for an electronic visa.

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