Cambodia Visa for Irish Citizens

Irish citizens are required to obtain a Cambodia visa to enter the country, as there are only a few Southeast Asian countries whose citizens are visa-exempt for Cambodia. The visa may be in the form of an electronic visa or a physical document obtained from an embassy or applied for online.

Irish citizens are eligible to apply for different types of Visa for Cambodia including the tourist eVisa. The Cambodia eVisa from Ireland is the most popular visa because the traveler does not need to visit an embassy or wait at long queues when entering Cambodia to obtain a visa on arrival. The online application process is easy and straightforward and can be completed in around 10 minutes.

In order to obtain a tourist eVisa valid for a stay of 30 consecutive days, Irish applicants must first meet the requirements for the Cambodia visa online.

Visa Requirements for Irish Citizens

It is necessary to have the following in order to submit an online Cambodia visa application for Irish citizens:

  • Valid passport – A valid Republic of Ireland passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Cambodia. If the passport does not meet the validity criteria chances are the visa application will be rejected.
  • Digital Photo – The applicant is required to provide a recently taken passport-sized photo in either JPEG or PNG format. The photo should have been taken within the last 6 months and against a white background.
  • A working email address – The applicant is required to provide a valid email address. The address will be used to notify the applicant of the status of the visa. A copy of the eVisa will also be sent to this email address.
  • Payment Option – The traveler has to provide the details of a valid credit or debit card to be used for the billing of the eVisa fee.
Sometimes it may be necessary to provide some information about the health of the applicant such as a record of vaccinations, as well as proof of sufficient financial means to cover the stay in Cambodia. This is not always necessary however it is important to have these documents should they be requested.

Online Visa Application from Ireland

Applying for a Cambodian visa for Irish citizens is easy and straightforward. The traveler is able to complete an online application form from the comfort of their own home once the aforementioned requirements and documents are in place.

Some of the details it is necessary to complete on the online form include::

  • Personal information including full name, date of birth, address
  • Passport details such as nationality and validity period
  • Reasons for visiting Cambodia
  • Details of relatives living in Cambodia, if any.
This process takes less than 20 minutes to complete if you have all the requirements ready and have a good internet connection.

Upon a successful application, the visa will be processed within 1 to 5 days and sent to the applicants’ email address. The electronic visa is linked to your passport but it is recommended to print a copy of the eVisa to present to immigration officials upon arrival in Cambodia.

The tourist visa has a validity period of 30 consecutive days with an option to extended your stay for 30 more days to make a total of 60 days.

Diplomatic & Official Passport from Ireland

Irish citizens with a diplomatic passport from Ireland are exempt from applying for a visa. This means that diplomats from Ireland do not need to apply for an eVisa in order to visit the country of Cambodia.

Ordinary Irish citizens who apply for the eVisa are required to ensure they use the same passport to complete the Cambodia online visa application from Ireland as that which they will later use to travel to Cambodia. This is because the approved eVisa is electronically linked to an individual travel document. Applicants with dual nationality should keep this in mind.

Upon arrival in Cambodia, holders of an eVisa for Irish citizens are able to present a copy of the eVisa alongside the relevant passport to gain expedited entry to the country and avoid waiting in immigration lines to obtain a visa on arrival.

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