Applying for a Cambodia eVisa from Hungary: Requirements

There are only nine countries whose citizens may enter Cambodia without a visa. Luckily citizens from Hungary are part of the most recent electronic travel authorization program created by the Cambodian government, which makes Hungarians eligible to apply for an eVisa for Cambodia.

This electronic travel authorization takes the pain out of traveling as applicants can apply for a visa from the convenience of their own home or office. Thus, it saves time as a visit to the embassy or consulate or having to queue at the border are skipped.

Moreover, the visa application requirements for an eVisa are also very basic, which places this type of online travel permit as the most convenient one for Hungarian nationals thinking about visiting Cambodia.

Do Hungarian Passport Holders Need a Visa to Visit Cambodia?

Any Hungarian passport holder who wishes to enter Cambodia must first apply for a Cambodia visa. The eVisa for Hungarian nationals is an electronic travel authorization that allows Hungarians and citizens from several other eligible countries to travel around in Cambodia for up to 30 consecutive days.

It is also possible to extend the visa for an extra 30 days, which will allow a traveler to visit Cambodia for up to 60 days. The actual eVisa is valid for a maximum of three months from the date on which it has been issued.

Cambodia Online Visa Documents Required for Hungarian Citizens

Applying for a Cambodia eVisa as a Hungarian citizen is really simple and quick. In fact, the whole application process can be completed in under 10 minutes.

While there are a couple of minimum Cambodian visa conditions that applicants must adhere to, these are all simple. Though, it remains imperative that all applicants meet every single requirement and have the relevant documentation before they can start their application for an electronic visa.

Firstly, all Hungarian applicants who wish to apply for a visa are urged to double-check that their passport will still be valid for at least six months after their planned arrival date. A valid passport is needed to start the application process.

The other visa requirements that applicants must adhere to are:

  • He/she must be a citizen from one of the eligible countries, in this case, Hungary. Applicants must demonstrate it through their passports
  • He/she must restrict the stay in Cambodia to fewer than 30 days
  • He/she must complete the application form online by filling in only valid information
  • He/she must pay a small fee by means of a valid credit or debit card
  • He/she must be in possession of a recent digital passport-size photo in either PNG or JPEG file format

Cambodia Visa Application Form for Citizens of Hungary

Rather than paying a visit to the relevant consulate or embassy in person, or standing in a queue at the border, Hungarian citizens are urged to make use of the online application process instead. This online process is very efficient and will require only a couple of minutes.

Once the applicant’s passport is in order, he/she is ready to complete the visa application form online. This form has only a few straightforward questions that must be filled out. These questions include information about the applicants:

  • Personal details (for instance full name) as it appears on the passport that is used for this application
  • Number of the passport
  • The country where the passport was issued (in this case, Hungary)
  • The date on which the passport was issued and will expire
  • The reason for wishing to travel to Cambodia

As soon as the online application form has been processed by the relevant authorities and the visa has been approved, the visa will be forwarded to the email address that the applicant has provided.

Hungarians are urged to print out a copy of this digital visa too. The eVisa is linked to the applicant’s passport, but passport holders are strongly advised to keep a hard copy of their eVisa with them at all times.

To minimize the chances of any delays, applicants are reminded to double-check all the details and contact information that they have filled in. If an error has been made, it can lead to delays and/or other issues.

Lastly, to avoid disappointment, travelers are advised to complete the online application form at least four days before the intended departure date to allow sufficient time for the process to be completed.

Travel from Hungary to Cambodia: Helpful Information

After a 16-hour flight from Budapest to Pnom Penh, or longer, it is advised Hungarians are informed about the most essential, helpful information related to Cambodian culture, customs, and tourist information.

For instance, the Asian country offers diverse transport options to travelers, from private to public alternatives that have their own particularities. Considering Cambodia is well-known for its festivals and traditional celebrations, citizens of Hungary should be aware of the dress code of the country for attending these special events and other key locations.

In this regard, Hungarians must also consider the culture change involved in visiting a country such as Cambodia, since the nation has a particular etiquette that its citizens follow in their everyday activities.

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