Cambodia eVisa for Ethiopian Citizens

In recent years, Cambodia has seen a particular increase with regard to its African arrivals, and the introduction of the e-Visa for Cambodia has only helped push this trend upward.

The Cambodian electronic visa is a travel authorization that makes traveling to Cambodia an easier and more accessible experience to Ethiopian nationals and other nationalities by allowing them to obtain an eVisa for Cambodia online. No need for embassy or consulate appointments.

Mandatory Requirements for Ethiopians Applying for a Cambodian eVisa

In order for Ethiopians to apply for a Cambodian electronic visa, there are several obligatory Cambodia eVisa requirements a visitor must comply with.

Travelers from Ethiopia who wish to obtain an electronic visa need to provide the following documentation:

  • A valid Ethiopian passport. Ethiopian passport holders must ensure that their current passport has a validity of a minimum of 6 months before traveling to Cambodia
  • A digital photo showing head and shoulders. The photo must be in JPEG or PNG format and must be similar to the passport-size photo used in the Ethiopian applicant’s passbook
  • A copy of the biographical page of the passport is also needed. A scanned image or photo is also acceptable. The image should be clear and the information legible
  • A working email address in which to receive the eVisa
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay the eVisa processing fee

Important: Although the electronic visa is sent via email, it is recommended to print out a copy of the e-visa before traveling from Ethiopia to Cambodia just in case an immigration officer requires to see it.

Online Visa Application for Ethiopians Traveling to Cambodia

The Cambodia electronic visa is a mandatory authorization that can be obtained through an online eVisa Cambodia application form.

The process is easy and straightforward: all Ethiopian travelers need to do is provide the following information when completing the Cambodian e-Visa application form:

  • Full name. Candidates from Ethiopia will need to fill their name as it appears in their passport
  • Passport information such as issue date and/or expiry date, as well as the passport number
  • Reason for visiting Cambodia. An eVisa is valid for tourism, medical, or business purposes only
  • Necessary vaccinations. An appointment at a local doctor should be booked a month before the trip to Cambodia to ensure no health risks have been overlooked

A Cambodia eVisa allows Ethiopian visitors a single entry into the Asian country with an allowed maximum stay of up to 30 days.

Processing time for Cambodia eVisa from Ethiopia

Once a few basic information has been provided, the applicant can expect to receive the eVisa within 3 business days.

Processing delays can sometimes occur, so it is recommended to apply for the electronic visa for Cambodia 4 business days before the scheduled date of the trip.

Please note that Ethiopian travelers must enter Cambodia within 3 months of their visa’s issue date.

Can Ethiopian Minors Apply for a Cambodia eVisa?

Ethiopian parents/guardians traveling to Cambodia with minors are allowed to submit an eVisa application on behalf of the minor, however, they must file a separate application for each minor.

It is highly recommended that Ethiopians inform themselves about the documents required from children when traveling to Cambodia.

Authorized eVisa Ports of Entry into Cambodia from Ethiopia

The three major Cambodian airports, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and Sihanoukville, accept international eVisa holders.

There are also land checkpoints bordering neighboring countries Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos (Cham Yeam, Poi Pet, Bavet, or Tropaeng Kreal checkpoints) visitors traveling with an electronic visa can utilize to enter Cambodia.

Currently, there are no authorized sea points open to Ethiopian visitors (or any other international passengers) with an eVisa, but all travelers are permitted to leave from any of the authorized checkpoints.

Cambodia Visa on Arrival for Ethiopian Nationals

An alternate option for Ethiopian tourists is to receive a visa upon arrival in Cambodia. However, this is often more time-consuming and requires some preparation before traveling to Cambodia.

In order to apply for a visa on arrival to enter Cambodia, travelers from Ethiopia must carry:

  • Cash. The only accepted payment type for a visa on arrival is by paying in cash and in person
  • A printed digital photo much like the one used in the foreigner’s passport. Head and shoulder must be clearly shown, no flash or glares and it must be passport-size

A high amount of travelers usually means long lines. Therefore, it is always better to apply for a Cambodia eVisa beforehand to avoid queues and a greater possibility of rejection when arriving in the country.

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