Cambodia eVisa Requirements for Colombian Citizens

Citizens from Colombia, along with the majority of other countries, must first complete a visa application form if they wish to be allowed to enter and travel around in Cambodia. Thankfully, the whole process can be done online which means that a visit to the embassy or consulate can be skipped. Moreover, the visa can be processed in a very short period.

Do Colombian Citizens Require a Visa to Travel to Cambodia?

All citizens from Colombia who wish to visit Cambodia will need a Cambodian electronic travel visa. This Cambodia visa for Colombian passport holders can only be used for short stays and is only valid for a period of thirty days. If a longer stay is planned, it is possible to extend this eVisa for a period of thirty days, which will allow the person to visit Cambodia for a longer period of sixty days maximum.

Children are also required to have their own individual approved visas, irrespective of their age. Though, a parent or legal guardian is able to complete the application for an eVisa on behalf of the child.

Cambodia Visa Conditions and Documents for Colombian Nationals

Colombians must meet only a couple of requirements if they are planning to visit the Kingdom of Cambodia as it is officially called. To apply, they must:

  • Be in possession of a valid passport
  • Complete an application form carefully online
  • Pay a set eVisa fee by means of a valid debit/credit card

The passport that is used during the application must be valid for at least six months after the date on which the applicant will arrive in Cambodia.

While all these visa requirements are basic, it is crucial that an applicant meets every term and condition prior to beginning the application process to minimize the possibility of a delay.

How to obtain a Cambodia Visa from Colombia

When you are applying as a Colombian, in total the whole process takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Once the Cambodia eVisa from Colombia has been approved, the applicant will receive his/her visa via email.

While visa applications are typically processed within just three business days, travelers are urged to apply a minimum of four days prior to their trip to allow more than enough time for the visa application to be processed.

Applicants must first complete the application form online. This basic form will ask them to share the following details relating to health and security matters:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Passport particulars
  • Travel plans while in Cambodia

After the form has been completed, an applicant will be prompted to upload relevant documentation such as his/her passport that will be used. A recent passport-sized photograph in digital format must also be uploaded.

In order for the process to be finalized, applicants must accept the terms and conditions. It is also key that they double-check the information that has been entered as wrong or incomplete answers can lead to an application getting denied or delayed.

Even a minor mistake can cause a delay and, therefore, it is really important to review all the information that has been provided. If a visa has been denied because of a mistake regarding the details that were entered on the form, the applicant will have to complete a new application form again.

The final step is to pay the fee by means of a debit or credit card. The application will only be processed after the payment has been received.

Most applications are approved quickly. Once the relevant authorities have approved the visa application, the visa will be sent by means of email. Therefore, it is key to enter a valid email address that can still be accessed.

Also, applicants are reminded to check their email inbox regularly as updates regarding the application and the approved visa will be sent directly via email.

Important: Colombian citizens are advised to have a previous health checkup to fulfill all the medical requirements.

Traveling From Colombia to Cambodia: Travel Advice

A trip from Bogota, Colombia to Pnom Penh, Cambodia can take around 33 hours, including transfers and other waits. After a long trip and the arrival at any of the Cambodian international airports, Colombian citizens will need to take into consideration some helpful advice to visit Cambodia trouble-free.

It is also relevant to be aware of the Cambodian customs, etiquette, and other singularities of the country, for instance, its dress code when visiting temples.

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