Cambodia Visa for Canadian Citizens

Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia. It shares borders with Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos as well as the Gulf of Thailand. Having neighbors like these makes Cambodia a great destination for travelers who want to visit more than one country.

In the Kingdom of Cambodia, tourists will find mountains in the north and a coastline in the south. Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city and one of the biggest attractions. The capital is home to must-see attractions such as the art deco Central Market, National Museum, and the majestic royal palace.

Therefore, Cambodia is an excellent destination for a cultural vacation. However there is one important aspect of Cambodian travel that all visitors should know.

It is a country that requires most tourists to obtain a visa. In fact, only 9 nationalities are able to travel to Cambodia visa-free. Canadians are not exempt. Therefore, Canadian citizens must have visa to enter Cambodia.

The standard option is a tourist visa that most people will apply for. This includes short-term vacations. Students spending time in Cambodia will need a separate visa, as will visitors who are spending time in the Kingdom of Cambodia for business.

Fortunately, Canadian passport holders have several visa options. Not only are there different types of visa but there are also various ways to obtain the visa itself.

A visa on arrival must be picked up at one of Cambodia’s entry point. Travelers have to bring the proper documentation and a credit/debit card for the fee. However, these border entry points tend to have long waiting times. To avoid them, apply and receive a visa online.

A Cambodia visa for Canadian passport holders acquired online is known as the eVisa. This option is ideal for people who do not want to queue at the border once in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

How to Obtain a Cambodia Visa from Canada

Luckily, applying as a Canadian citizen is easier than ever with the Cambodian eVisa. An applicant simply needs the necessary documentation and then about 10 minutes to complete the online form. Along with documentation, security and health-based questions will be asked.

Every step of the process is quick and straightforward. Once travelers submit the application, they then have to make the payment and wait for the approved visa to be sent to their email.

Average approval time varies slightly. In most cases, applicants will receive an approval within 24 hours. However, delays do happen. In that case, it can take up to 5 days. Therefore, it is important for travelers to apply for a tourist visa at least one week before their arrival.

Once travelers have an approved Cambodia eVisa from Canada, they have up to three months from the issue date to use the visa.

As with most tourist visas, each traveler is allowed a 30-day stay in the country. If a traveler wishes to prolong his or her stay, there is an option of extending the visa for an additional 30 days.

Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

Before applying for a Cambodia eVisa applicants must collect the necessary documentation. It is in the traveler’s best interest to meet all the requirements before starting. This way, the process is as seamless as possible.

The visa requirements for Canadian citizens are as follows:

  • Valid Canadian passport: all passports must be valid for six months after arrival date
  • Passport details: expiration date, number, etc.
  • Digital photos: it is required that all applicants submit a digital (JPEG or PNG) passport size picture
  • Personal information: full name, date of birth, etc. for background check
  • Email address: once approved the eVisa will be sent to the email provided
  • Purpose of visit: applicants might be asked to provide dates of travel and accommodation
  • Credit or debit card for the handling fee

Applicants need to know the certain requirements for the visa photo as well. Ensure your photos:

  • Have been taken within the last 6 months
  • No smiling and eyes have to be open
  • Must have a white background
  • The tourist’s face and shoulders have to be visible
  • Shoulders and face cannot be at an angle but looking straight on
  • The photograph must be in full color

It is worth noting that occasionally tourists are asked to provide health information and/or details about his or her finances. This is rare but is a possibility in some cases.

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