Cambodia eVisa for Angolan Citizens

Cambodia has rapidly increased the number of foreign tourist arrivals during the last few years, reaching over 6 million travelers per year. This is why the government created the Cambodia eVisa, a new electronic system that allows travelers from several countries to obtain a travel authorization. Angola is included on this list.

The main advantage of having an online visa is Angolan nationals no longer need to book an appointment at the local Cambodian embassy or consulate. The eVisa to Cambodia can be obtained in a matter of hours by filling out an online form.

How to Apply for a Cambodian Tourist Visa From Angola

There are several types of visas to enter Cambodia, however, the ideal visa type for Angolan citizens depends on the purpose of their trip. It is, therefore, important to establish whether the Angolan visitor meets the requirements to benefit from the electronic visa.

Angolan nationals can travel to Cambodia with a tourist Cambodia eVisa, also known as the Tourist Visa or T visa, which allows a visitor to stay in Cambodia for a maximum stay of up to 30 consecutive days.

The application process to obtain a Cambodia eVisa is quick, easy, and uncomplicated. The eligible applicant of Angola simply needs to fill in some personal details such as a full name, date of birth, address, passport information, and travel plans and pay the processing fee with a valid credit or debit card.

E-visa for Cambodia: processing times for Angola

Once the online application has been successfully submitted, applicants can expect to receive their eVisa within 3 business days.

Important: It is advisable travelers submit their application at least 4 business days prior to departure to Cambodia. Processing delays can occur and, as a result, processing times may be affected taking up to 4 days to receive the visa via email.

Cambodia eVisa: Documents Required for Angolan Citizens

Nationals from Angola are eligible to obtain an eVisa for visiting Cambodia as long as they meet Cambodia’s requirements set by the government.

In order to apply online for the eVisa, Angolan travelers must possess the following documents:

  • An authentic and valid Angolan passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months before the planned trip to Cambodia
  • A digital photo clearly showing the applicant’s head and shoulders. The photo must not have any glares or reflections, and it must meet the Cambodia requirements of a passport photograph
  • A scan or copy of the biographical page of the applicant’s passport
  • A valid email address where Angolans will receive the electronic visa to Cambodia
  • Vaccinations for Cambodia. It is highly recommended consulting with a doctor at least one month before traveling to the Asian country to find out the necessary vaccinations for Cambodia

Maximum Permitted Stay with a Cambodia eVisa as Angolan

The Cambodia eVisa for tourism purposes allows holders a single-entry within a three-month period from the approval date. An Angolan passport holder is permitted to stay in Cambodia for a maximum single stay of 30 days.

If a visitor from Angola wishes to remain in Cambodia for a longer period of time, it is possible to get a visa extension, however, travelers must do so once in Cambodia.

Should Angolan Citizens Apply for a Cambodia Visa on Arrival as Opposed to an eVisa?

Angolan citizens can also apply for a Cambodia visa on arrival at one of the authorized ports of entry into the country. However, this option comes with some inconveniences for the traveler.

To receive a visa upon arrival, travelers should make sure they:

  • Bring cash. The visa on arrival can only be paid for in cash and in person
  • A printed copy of a headshot photo must be presented
  • Queues are to be expected when receiving a visa on arrival at most of the entry points in Cambodia due to high volumes of tourists

Currently, the most convenient, fast, and secure alternative is the Cambodia eVisa, which allows Angolans to apply in advance and online to obtain a travel authorization in a couple of hours.

Cambodia’s Authorized Ports of Entry for eVisa Holders From Angola

Angolan citizens traveling to Cambodia with an eVisa can enter through any of the authorized ports of entry.

The following international airports in Cambodia all accept electronic visas:

  • Siem Reap
  • Phnom Penh
  • Sihanoukville

If a visitor of Angola intends to enter Cambodia by land from Thailand, Laos, or Vietnam they can do so by using the Cham Yeam, Poi Pet, Bavet, or Tropaeng Kreal land border checkpoints.

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