Photo Requirements and Guidelines for the Cambodia eVisa

Photo Requirements for eVisa

When planning a trip to Cambodia, the first important step is to check the visa requirements for the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The vast majority of foreign nationals need to apply for a visa. Fortunately, citizens of over 200 countries are now eligible for the Cambodia online visa; with no need to visit an embassy or consulate, the eVisa is the most efficient way to obtain this essential travel document.

A passport-style photograph has to be provided during the visa application process. The photograph must meet the specifications laid out by the Cambodian authorities exactly, or it is likely that the application will be rejected.

Visa applicants can find essential information below about the required size and quality of the photo plus other important specifications.

What Size Should the Photo Be for the Cambodia Visa?

It is essential that the size of the photograph supplied when applying for a Cambodia eVisa meets the strict guidelines.

Applicants who send in a photograph that is not the exact size and weight required are likely to have their application denied, in which case a new Cambodia eVisa application will need to be made.

  • Dimensions: minimum 400 x 600 pixels, maximum 800 x 1,200 pixels
  • Weight: the maximum allowed weight of the photo is 1 MB
  • Format: to be accepted, the photo must be in PNG, BMP or JPEG format

Other Photo Requirements to Complete the Online Application

In addition to ensuring the image submitted is the correct size and weight, there are several other requirements that the applicant must take into consideration.

Wearing incorrect clothing or accessories, and an incorrect facial expression can both lead to eVisa rejection.

It is important to follow each of the guidelines below in order to achieve an acceptable image.

Color or black and white photograph?

Unlike most countries, Cambodia accepts both color and black and white photographs.

In both cases, it is important that the image is as natural as possible and an accurate representation of the subject’s features. As this is easier to achieve in color, color photos are recommended where possible.

Clothing and accessories worn in the photo

Applicants should pay close attention to rules relating to clothing and accessories. Failure to comply with the following may result in an unacceptable photograph:

  • Hats and large hairpieces cannot be worn
  • Headpieces worn for religious or medical purposes must not cover the face
  • Large pieces of jewelry should not be worn
  • If prescription sunglasses are worn they should have thin frames, and eyes must be completely visible
  • Sunglasses are not permitted, nor are tinted glasses
  • Hair must be kept back behind the ears and not cast a shadow on the face
  • Light-colored or white clothing is not advisable as it will not create sufficient contrast with the background

Positioning of head and shoulders, and facial expression

The face and shoulders should be completely square with the camera, photos from an angle will not be accepted.

One of the most common questions regarding visa photos is whether or not to smile. For the Cambodia visa, a slight smile is permitted but the expression should be natural and the teeth cannot be showing.

Photo lighting and background

A common cause of rejection is the quality of the lighting. Photographs that are too dark or too light will be rejected. If using a flash, it should not create shadows either on the background or on the person.

Lighting must reflect the natural and true skin tone and features.

Photographs with red-eye caused by a flash should not be submitted, red-eye must not be removed by digital alteration which is completely prohibited.

Only photos with plain white or off-white backgrounds will be accepted.

Other Requirements for a Successful Cambodia eVisa Application

In addition to providing a passport-style photo which meets the requirements above, applicants need to be in possession of the following to apply for the eVisa for Cambodia:

  • Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months
  • A debit or credit card to pay the Cambodian visa fees
  • An email address to which the eVisa will be sent on approval.

Check all the requirements you need according to your nationality:

The eVisa application form must be fully completed, the required information includes some personal details, contact information, and questions about the travel itinerary.

Supporting documentation, such as the photograph, can be submitted together with the form or, alternatively, uploaded or at a later date.

A visa will not be granted if even a small mistake has been made when completing the application form, or if the photo does not meet the above requirements exactly. As well as potentially disrupting travel plans, in order to reapply, the eVisa fee must be paid again.

To avoid this situation, many people choose to apply online using a specialized agency which will thoroughly check every aspect of the visa application before submission. This service includes ensuring the photograph is acceptable.